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By jamaul08
If I recall these are pretty much identical for the B16 unless Joe has put out a new version in the past years. I got the 2.5" cat-back from 2J because the car was already there getting work done. It was a magnaflow muffler and I had Joe weld in a high flow cat. Even with the cat there was A LOT of rasp. Added an 18" resonator the following week and all was well. Here's a video -

Wide open at 3:00
By yogib777
same brand
but different stuff

look inside
joe's has no packing nothing to burn out
is perforated not louvered

i'm using an original version prototype

it uses tuned lengths
[my car spent 40 hours on the dyno with 4 different types of exhaust before we settled on what i have now]

exhaust is on it's second engine
new cutout was added

i recently restored most things
did not have to touch the exhaust
Image20170811_130557 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
Image20170811_130513 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

orig, non shiny, cut too short, pre-version 1, exhaust
still on the car [6 years later]
Image20160516_094520 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
the catback as suggested could use a resonator and such an option is available if you ask

i have no experience with the BRM exhaust, but was there to see dyno results on the b16

imo it makes great power, like something you would put on a hot sport bike
but imo is noisy [needs cat and resonator, both available] for a DD

saved.2 in the 1/8 over this Chinese exhaust
Image23be05cb-a06f-4936-b397-3d928c2b15c1_zpsb5e8b087 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

still going strong and looking good [i used a turbo as the resonator]
By yogib777
thank you
it came out of the mechanical restore, like a new car underneath

feels like new too
the moog replacement parts feel better than oem

a stock part

just kidding

the exhaust starting from the rear
2jr prototype ver 1, 3" side exhaust
2jr 2nd ver., 3" midpipe with e-cutout and cat added
2jr 2.5" down pipe
By powderohyeah
The only thing that concerns me about the BRM is the flanged cat. I know another guy on here was having fitment issues with it, but when I talked to greg he said its for ease of installation. I don't know for sure how the stock cat looks because I didn't really look. Is it flanged bolted on? or welded on?
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By eXcude
The downstream cat on the stock SER is welded, but the piping after it is flanged to bolt up to the downpipe.
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By jamaul08
powderohyeah wrote:oh wow that actually sounds really nice. Do you get alot of cabin drone?

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Initially there was A LOT of drone. It went away with the addition of the resonator.
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