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By NintenDR0
any one know if this is a rare badge? Whenever I look at other spec v's on the web , it appears that all others have different spec v badges in the lower corner, whereas mine is centered resembling the GTRs badging. I could be wrong, jusst looking fort input
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By Mbrice420
Not sure about the B16 but the B17 is super easy to remove the badges.

I agree with Hybrid that the previous owner probably just bought a new decal and slapped it on.
By NintenDR0
here's another haha my bad. Maybe there's a few out there with this type of badging. I like this one better because it doesn't say nissan anywhere except the wheels
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By CrickiKaze
That's the OEM b15 SER badge...02-03 IIRC.
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By CrickiKaze
I was face palming the title and other things(OP image upside down) as a joke...and no one recognized it being from the b15.

I have seen the Altima SER badging put on a B16 IIRC, I agree about the badging thing.
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By eXcude
Those are all over eBay, the B15 SER badges.

My favorite [sarcasm here] is when someone debadges their car and then has a huge banner/decal that says what the car is on it somewhere.

My opinion here, either debage it or just leave them alone. I think doing your own badging is kinda tacky.
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By HyBr1D
I had a hard time looking for a bad ass "SR" badge... when I found one it comes from a Hyundai in Australia... and they don't ship to the US... and if they do it's ridiculous expensive... like $100+ shipped from AUS. I ordered one from a VW R32 and looking at it I'm not sure I want to put it on. It's for the grill.. and the Hyundai are stick on badges which I would of liked better... but we will see how it looks and if I mod it or not.

Something else, I believe many people like to debadge and re-badge to be "unique". Only thing I don't agree is badging something that it's not. Even though there are many people badging Nismo on non-Nismo cars they feel as if it's their version of Nismo, S-Tune or R-Tune... it's their only REAL way to justify what they have done to their car, (or go out and make your own emblem/badge). but putting an SE-R/Spec V/SR Turbo and now the Current Nismo you're pretty much falsifying the car for what it is not.

I plan on putting what it is... it's really a Special edition... but what is the rear difference between a SR and a Special Edition??? Just the hole in my roof, the crappy navigation and the steering audio controls... meh... other than that same slow MR20DE 2disc/2drums and the pretend SE-R Spec V bumpers.... So, in my case I believe it's justified to re-badge or just badge the SR... regardless where it came from... :)
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By eXcude
I suppose if the rebadging is clean and tasteful and not a badge from some other car/wrong trim. But that's purely opinion. I guess it's no different than changing your wheels in that regard.

If I did any rebadging it would be replacing the chrome with a darker gunmetal version. :D But I'm certain that doesn't exist.
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HyBr1D wrote:Here's another "rare" sighting.


My before and after pics. This is my badge, i put on with help from my cuzz

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