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Greetings All,

I have an odd rattling sound emminating from the trunk area. I thought it was the licence plate, but I have eliminated that possibility. I have removed everything from the trunk, installed the rubber trunk mat, and it still rattles. It occurs in all weather, all road conditions, and under acceleration and deacceleration. It is a 2017 SR Turbo. Any thoughts?
Update. After removing the trunk lid trim, and putting automotive foam tap on the edges and where the emergency trunk release handle cord may rub against the car, it still rattles. It is currently at the local dealership trying to get diagnosed. They called, said it was fixed. I returned, got into the car closed the door and immediately heard the rattles again. There was no technician "available" to come and listen to the rattles while I was there. Took the shuttle home, and I await there call again. Yay Nissan service...not.
Well the Techs at Nissan did what I was on the verge of doing. One Tech in the back, while another one drove. They have determined that the rattle is caused by the trunk support springs. Apparently, they are mishapped, and will rub against the trunk lid. They are replacing them this Friday. I will let you know if it works.

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