By maxima8295
Bought this SR new in Feb of 2014 for my wife. Just bought her a new Sienna so took over her car. It's paid off so wanted to make it more mine. It has 90k miles and needed shocks/tires so installed some new stuff.


Tanabe NF210 Springs and KYB Excel Shocks and Struts.

Wheels: Sparco Podio in bronze. 17x7.5
Tires: BF Goodrich Comp 2 A/S 205/50/ZR17

Had the car aligned last night and even after a 1.5" drop from the springs the only thing that needed work was the toe, everything else was green. Ill upload a copy of the alignment in the next couple days.

I might get the Tanabe Exhaust, but other then that I'm pretty happy with the result, I got a little more aggressive look for my daily driver.

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By Mbrice420
Looks real sharp friend.

I had those tanabes as well... Didn't upgrade my struts though. Not doing so, made the ride bounce like a caddy.

The gold/bonze wheels sit nice with the paint too.

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