I have the 6 speed manual SR turbo and I've been slowly improving on it. Pulled the trigger on a cat back exhaust. Can't find body mods for shit, with the exception of the Nismo mods. Found some korean kits for the Sylphy, but it doesn't line up with the SR trimdltutuapp.com/ 9apps.ooo/ showbox.software/
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Not that I have seen.

Ever since the first gen B17 was released, I have slowly seen a decline in modifying when it comes to this particular vehicle.

Not to say there isnt stuff out there, but compared to other vehicles, there is slim pickings.

Nissan shouldn't have waited till the 2nd gen to bring out a turbo version.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the nismo but I just can't justify the price.

IMO, this really killed the enthusiasm for the Sentra. Nissan wants people to see the Sentra as more of a family gas-saving car.
After the B16 rolled out there has been a huge decline in aftermarket support which most of us expected this with upcoming models after the B16. B17 also fell victim to this plague, unfortunately. Nissan's marketing towards the enthusiast market is more aimed towards their higher Nismo products rather than allowing possibilities with their lower models. So, late in the B17's life cycle they make a production model of the Nismo and a turbo model, their tactics have ALWAYS been testing the water to see if there is interest/money.

If you all recall the SE-R and Spec-V's came into the B15's full cycle and phased out in the B16... poor sales and little to no aftermarket support... people weren't buying and then manufacturers weren't making parts.

Unless Nissan can create magic with the B18, introducing better trim managements balancing price and performance against their more attractive competition then Nissan is screwed (really we're screwed).
This is a 2017 SR trim Max mod. One can go a bit crazy with spending $ on Mods, but I feels that the costs are warranted on these few. While lowering is possible in the future, the increased travel over bumps and curbs is fine with me, and less of a priority.

I have loved the look of these rims for about 7 years... and finally having them at a great price is great. The factory rims were nice... but they are a bit flat on the outside... and rims can make the most dramatic change to a vehicle...

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