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By The Enthusiast
This Thread is for everyone that keeps inquiring the VQ swap into the 2007+ B16 chasis. Travis (the original VQ to Sentra swapper roonie) has done many VQ swaps into 2002-2006 B15's and happens to sell the kits for around $800.00. This is what he has said in regaurds to the B16.

So yeah, whos in or near Louisiana?

Travis @ FI-R wrote:From the measurements that I've taken, it looks like it will fit. I'd love to do one.. But, I haven't seen much interest in B16 performance parts. That chassis just hasn't caught on like the B15 did. Hell, within 6 months, I had a turbo kit out for the B15 Spec V.
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By Doc_Ebs
I am not in florida but i have started looking into this on my own i have tried getting ahold of Travis to find out some info or see if he was interested in doing one but he never responded
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By willms81™
Travis is also NOT located in Florida.
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By willms81™
He's in Louisiana.
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By LittleRedMachine
I can see it both ways, but Jesse is correct.

Yes, develop the qr and see what it can do in all aspects. Find its limitations.

After you blow it, then look into other options.

This second gen qr isn't as miserable as the first. Make something of it before tackling another project that's going to go on for pages where people talk about it and nothing gets accomplished.

That all being said...

As I've posted before, the vq will definitely fit in your bay and can most certainly be a viable option down the road for you guys. The 6-speed will most certainly bolt to the vq as well since the v6 altima can be had with the 6-speed (it's the same transmission; the altima people don't get the hlsd like the b16 does). The tricky part, as you may have guessed is wiring it up.
By Dollinski
I have a 2007 2.0 that I bought brand new with 23 miles on it. Tranny. Done. Piston rings, engine burning oil, whatever controls the fuses and headlights is failing. The exhaust is held on by a hanger. I have a 2 year old flywheel and clutch, and a cold air intake. That being said, I love this car. To the point where I’m replying to a 8year old post. Because I cannot find anything on this swap. I want to dump stupid money into it instead of buying a new car. Call me crazy. Any help is extremely appreciated.
By Dollinski
Anyone ever do this? I have a 2007 2.0 s I want to keep alive. Dump stupid money into instead of buying a new car. Can not find anything on a swap for this body. :( any help is appreciated. I know, I’m like 8 years late.
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