By 02nismokiller
wheredo you guys mount your SAFC II? im goin to mount mine this weekend, but dont know were... and no i dont have a pod :(
By speedyspec
I mounted mine on the right side of my steering wheel..just painted my bracket black so it blended in more. but its very easy to use there..only blocks my engine light and window washer fluid but its always on so i just said F it..haha..
By 02nismokiller
any pics? and how or were you do your wiring?
By speedyspec
The wiring i ran under the steering wheel, through the middle console, and through the firewall hole behind the glovebox..(round rubble piece i put it through)Hope this helps..

By 02nismokiller
hey i just realized you from FL, i live near orlando, you think you can help me with tuning? im goin turbo on monday =)
By speedyspec
are you the one who wanted to buy injectors from me at one point? haha if not what setup do you have? I can try to help..I did mine just make sure before you start your car you have everythine to zero and the right settings..there use to be a post where it would show you how to start it out so your car would be fine untill you tune it or get it tuned by someone else..ill try to look for it and post if I find it...but pretty simple..
By 02nismokiller
i got a precision turbo, wrx inj, auto boost mani, SAFC II, AEM wideband
were you live exactly?
and if you find that post that would be great
By speedyspec
I live in broward that all you have? you need all the lines and hardware.. what about fuel pump? the only thing about tuning yourself is that you never know when its at its best unless you dyno..I kept mine at 7psi and I think I am around 260whp..didnt want to over do it cause its my daily driver and have almost 80k on motor..haha my a/f ratio is about 11 at could be better but too lazy and cheap to go get it dyno tuned
By 02nismokiller
nah i got everythin! except im on my stock fuel pump, and i got a hks BOV, turbonetics WG w/7lb spring. my brother lives in pompano maybe i can go down, and you can help me with the tune
By speedyspec
Here is the install for it (well at least wiring wise) just make sure you read for the right year..well I wont be free untill the 9th of Aug...Going on me a favor..text me tomorrow and ill look at my settings and text you them..unless i find the post otherwise ill just send it..ShogunSentra helped me install it..(propz to him) he lives down by me so maybe he could help too 954-658-0288 ... pexi+setup
By 02nismokiller
whats your number again? and your name? im Jahaziel (nice meetin you lol)
thats fine bro ill def hit you up bro
By speedyspec
number is up is nice meeting you too..just tired right now and need sleep but ill try to find it or ask Shogunsentra where he got that post from..
By 02nismokiller
speedy.. were you get your dyno tune?
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