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atomik06specv wrote:Lol. Considering this is all one big troll and I have a vq swap ave I've owned sentras for close to 7 years. And yes I did go to school to with on cars and now aviation, I probably know more than 99% of this forum. ;) I would never own that hideous piece of shit

See, And i thought the name was fake too. What did you vq swap into? That would be an Awesome Inline 6.
The electric supercharger is a good concept but not well executed. They are currently made out of plastic with a very restrictive housing that chokes out air instead of increasing it. If someone went threw the design and upgraded everything might be worth a shit. All metal housing and turbines so they no longer come apart and blow motors, bigger electric motor to make it worth the time, and double the size of the housing so it adds to airflow instead of restricting it. Then you might be able to get 80hp instantly. The ones out there right now are a joke, I've seen them on the dyno and they are only useful to cars with almost no air flow.
By Thomass20
Greasemonky wrote:You have a inline four cylinder, not a v4. If I recall right the B15 spec v came with 175hp. Which means you would have to build the motor to reach those numbers at the wheels rachat de credit bancaire. I like body kits, just saying. Heating your spring hurts the performance of the springs. Did I cover everything lol.

In fact, just make a small change and test on a power bench to achieve maximum speed.
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