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By mpholic
I've had my 2013 Sentra for almost a year now and just realized (it's rarely driven) that the led strips only come on when the headlights are on. Why no drls? I've been watching other cars on the road (not sentras) and their led strips are on all the time. Is there a change that can be made to the drl module (if there is such a module).

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By JangBang
The headlights and led strips are always on with mine, I wish it was only the led strips for the DRL. I haven't done any serious investigating yet but I plan on soon.
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By BrooksyCC7
You can turn on just the LED DRLs by turning the far left rotational device, on the headlight mechanism, forward once from AUTO to the DRL symbol, which looks like two headlights facing away from each other.
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By JangBang
I think mines wired up differently, because even on that setting both the LED and the headlight drls are on.
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By BrooksyCC7
Yeah it's probably that weird thing where they make mass-produced cars different from each other.
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By JangBang
DRL always have to be on in Canada, the regulations in Canada are different from the US. So yes, it likely is setup differently so I can't turn them off. 2.27 of the owners manual indicates the Canada only part.

(Canada only)
The headlights automatically illuminate at a reduced
intensity when the engine is started with
the parking brake released. The daytime running
lights operate with the headlight switch in the
OFF position or in the position. Turn the
headlight switch to the position for full
illumination when driving at night.
If the parking brake is applied before the engine is
started, the daytime running lights do not illuminate.
The daytime running lights illuminate when
the parking brake is released. The daytime running
lights will remain on until the ignition switch
is placed in the OFF position.

I just went out and played with it some more. If I pulled the parking brake & turned the car on, only the LED strip would come on, moving the control switch to any setting had no effect. Taking the brake off, the headlights would come back on, again in any position this happened. So for me anyway, the LED's aren't a part of the DRL system at all, just the headlights.
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By JangBang
Just went and pulled the fuse on the DTRL, and it shut off the LED strip completely. Headlights remained on. Which doesn't make any sense to me at all. If the LED strip was a part of the DRL system then when pulling the parking brake before starting the car...they shouldn't have come on.

...Further investigation required. >.>
By ribit666
Everyone here is talking about daytime running lights. I am from New York, and I own a 2015 sentra SR. I'm pretty sure my car does not have DRL
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By ga14de
ribit666 wrote:Everyone here is talking about daytime running lights. I am from New York, and I own a 2015 sentra SR. I'm pretty sure my car does not have DRL

Because this thread is about DRL. Mine doesn't have either. But the Canadian market has it.
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By HyBr1D
You can most likely relay them to an active line and add it to a standalone in-cabin switch if you really need these on at all times. I re-wired my lamps after the retrofit. Made my stock blinker into a lower filament always on with the DRL... the DRL are switchbacks which is now my blinker.

I believe all B17 models from 2013-2015 came with those low level LED strips under the halogen bulb... I saw one today and wonder why would Nissan waste their time putting that on the car if they are barely visible during the day and even less when the main bulb is on. The 2016+ (V motion style) you can see it more but it's still has poor output, but here in the states it comes at a higher option.

I'm sure they could be bypassed from the fuse box and added to a standalone switch you can add.
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