Full vehicle's for sale, any kind
By 92B13SER
$2600 obo
I started this project a long time ago. I was going to build an AWD B13 SER. I have about 95% of the parts needed to do the swap. Unfortunately, life and the military got in the way. I have over $6k and countless hours into acquiring everything listed below. Hopefully one of you can take this over and finish what was started.

Car: 1992 Sentra SER w/ clean MD Title. Car is a rolling Chassis. I cannot remember the Chassis mileage.

VIN - 1N4GB32A2NC828207

Car has had the interior gutted except for the dash. I was going to install a roll cage. All interior parts are still there, just not installed. Car has been lowered and is on KYB drop on Coilovers. Does not come with the wheels shown in the pictures. I loaned them to a friend and they unfortunately trashed them. The pictures shown are the only ones I have at the moment.

Engines : 53J Highport. Has 300zx twin turbo pistons. Unknown static compression ratio. Unknown mileage. Ran when pulled out of the car. I started to port match and re-drill the intake ports to attach the GTIR intake manifold. Currently has a log manifold on it set up for a Eclipse/Talon/Laser 14g,16g, 18g, or 20g turbo.

54C GTiR. Disassembled. Will come with your CP Pistons, Eagle H Beam rods, ARP Head and Main Studs, Commetic Head Gasket, Kelford 186-D cams, Head is fully ported, Has bronze valve guides, but I believe the machine shop did not install one correctly, block has been bored, but is not honed (I removed my engine from the machine shop before it was completed; at first they said they could do the work for me, then part of the way through they said they couldn't). FWD aluminum flywheel has had holes resized for use on the GTiR crank, ACT Clutch. Brian Crower Titanium Valave spring retainers, Greddy valve springs, The reason the motor was disassembled was because it spun #3 rod bearing. I didn't hurt the crank very much, but I figured while it was apart I might as well go big on the rebuild. This engine was bought as a front clip from a Japanese parts importer. Had 40K on it when I swapped it over.

Transmissions : 1 LSD FWD trans and axles, no 5th gear pop

1 GTiR AWD Trans with Transfer case and axles, unknown driving condition

Rear Suspension : 1 complete GTiR rear sub-frame with rear diff, axles, spindles, brakes, sway bar, etc.

Body : Complete GTiR front end - fenders, bumper cover, grill, glass headlights, hood

B13 fenders and bumper cover. I cannot recall if I still have the OEM hood. If I do, it was cut to fit the GTiR Top Mount inter-cooler and will probably be deemed unusable. ABS was deleted to remove some weight and clutter from the engine bay. Steering rack has been looped for manual operation (not much of a difference from power to manual operation when I drove it)

Other stuff : 2 radiators, mid size front mount intercooler w/ 2.5" inlet and outlet, a lot more parts that I cannot remember. Its been quite a while since I have laid eyes on everything.

The car and most of the parts are in North Eastern Maryland. The 53J engine and some of the parts are with me in Las Vegas. Let me know if you would like to make an offer. I do not want to split any of this up, so it's either all or nothing. Thank you for your time and consideration. Buyer is responsible for all transport and shipping ( I will help as much as I can)





On another note; I don't know if you guys want or need CNC Plasma services. I am starting a small business out of my garage out here in Las Vegas doing just that. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see some of our work and maybe we can help out if you have a need in the future. Company name is The Craft of Steel
By Evan Powell
How much are you looking to get out of the car? I would have to have it shipped to MS but it looks a mess... Do you still have the interior that is in the pics?
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