Lips to Eyes, how do you like it?
By mssparks13
I have not liked how the stock H11 light the road on my 2016 and have been searching for a solution. I have tried to install two types of leds, ones with a fan and ones that were fanless. Neither would clear the opening in the factory housing even leaving the cap off. So I tried so hyper white H11s, that was worse. I think we are just kidding ourselves when we think that hyper whites are better, the blue tinted bulb cuts the light output! So I did a little research and decided to convert to H9 bulbs. H9 bulbs are slightly higher watt 65 as compared to the 55 watt H11. A H9 headlight bulb modification can give you 2100 lumens than the standard 1450 lumens, with only a 10-watt and 2-amp increase. The benefit from all this, though, will be a much brighter light than stock. The high beam in the same housing is already an H9 so heat would not be a factory, and I also compared the wiring between the two and it was the same gauge. It didn't take much to modify the bulb, you can find instructions pretty easily by using Google that I will not bother sharing the instructions. I am very happy with this conversion, light output is significantly increased. I aimed them down slightly as not to bother other drivers, so far I have not been flashed. The distance I can see down the road has greatly improved. I went with Nokya 3800 H9 bulbs, they are not hyper white, they have a slight blue color to glass, almost clear. I went with these as they seemed to have decent reviews and a lower cost, I only spent $15 because I wasn't sure how it would work out. I would prefer a slightly whiter light output, but I really can complain because these are even bright in the rain which seems to be another negative on hyper white bulbs. I would rather be able to see than look cool.
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