Not sentra related car stuff
By srshanover
I'm afraid I have some very bad news for the Sentra community.

Yogi has passed on, I got the text from his wife Friday, that he had suffered heart failure.

Memorial service was Saturday, November 10th, at their house in the woods. I was able to go to their house today to pay my respects.

This is a great loss, and the Sentra community has lost one if its true heroes.

Yogi could always be counted on with any tire or rim fitment question anyone may ask.

He was passionate about his racing, and his car.

He bought his car new in 2004 and IIRC one of the first things he did with it was hit the track.

To hear him talk, he did not win much, but he still loved the track.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and having lunch several times, and he went on two tail of the dragon cruises that we set up. The second of which he stayed in the house we rented for 3 days.

He was a very positive man, I have never heard him utter a cross word, never met a stranger he would not talk to, and always had a smile that was hard to see behind his beard.

Please consider helping his family out.

I have set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for his family. All money raised will go to his wife, Aimee. ... Xot_60tg-E
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By Mbrice420
Wow, for real?

Hope this isn't a joke.

If it isn't then my full regards to Berry and his wife.

Never met him but he was always on here giving his advice on anything he could.

Am gonna miss him. One of the last hardcore all Sentra members to stick around.

Will pray for him.

Farewell Berry aka Yogi b :(
By srshanover
I wish it wasnt real, he has been my close personal friend for a long time. we met many a times, for lunch or just to visit, and two tail of the dragon cruises. he will be greatly missed by a lot of people
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By eXcude
Yogi B was practically allsentra, may the site not die with him.

No more Yogi poems :(
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By HyBr1D
I must say... I read this over the weekend and I was unable to write anything on here... I'm still at a loss for words. I was hoping to meet up when I went up to do the tail of the dragon, sadly, I won't be able to. He is a glimmering light and sense of hope when it came to our community. He is a person that you had to meet, his kind heart was something to behold and his consistency in his poetic way he chose to communicate with us was illuminating. Even if the forum/site dies, the memory of Barry lives on in us throughout everything he has educated us with. :)

When I do go to the Dragon I will pay my respects, a true pioneer within our community.
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