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I bought a 2017 Sentra. I believe it is the S model. Has the push button start. Honestly, it was a rebuilt car (front end accident without airbags deploying) with under 6k miles on it and I got it pretty cheap. It did not come with a manual and everywhere I search I cannot find an answer to this. Even downloading the online manual.


Above the steering where it shows the car I can see many different options like Maintenence and Clock etc.. The clock I can set from the stereo so that is not a problem. But many of the menu option I am unable to get in to. The up and down button does not act as an Enter button. Is this by design in certain models? Or is the button on my car just broken and needs to be replaced. The dealer I bought it from asked me to show him the issue tomorrow, but I was curious if anyone knew if this was by design on some models or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Does anyone have these controls? According to the manual it's the Type A controls. I am just curious if the swivel up and down control on the left also acts as an enter button. Mine does not seem to do that so I don't know if it's broken.
I have no idea what options do you have for B17 in US market, not sure whether info I have below is correct.

Your car has type-B cluster gauge and type-A steering wheel.
The steering wheel you have doesn't have ENTER, Back and Forward buttons. So it doesn't work with the cluster.
You have 2 options here (assume the cluster is OE, steering wheel is not).
1. Change steering wheel, to type-B (or others Nissan models that work with type-B cluster).
2. Have a small circuit (switches and few resistors) to replace those missing buttons.

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