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By Dollinski
I have a 2007 6sp 2.0s sentra. It's dead. the tranny gave out (wont work in reverse or 6th) the engine has been burning oil for months, maybe a year (fried piston rings) i assume. most of this came from the cheap mods I did, cut out the resonator, and added a muffler. i installed a cold air intake. im sure those two things helped destroy my engine as i did not get it tuned or anything. I have had this car since 2007, bought it with 23 miles on it. i love the car.

I want to spend stupid money on this, but i dont want to stay where i am. getting another MR is not worth my time or money. I want to know if i can swap in a QR25DE engine, get a tranny, ecu, exhaust, and whatever else i would need. will this motor fit? i tried my damnest to learn and research before starting a new topic. but it's hard, most topics are for people already with the SER models.

any help is appreciated.
By Dollinski
welp. shortly after posting this, i found a shop in my state that specializes with sentra's. they can do all the work needed for under $8k.

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