Come introduce yourself before posting, don't be scared
By suryanibba
First time car buyer (purchasing from the dealer, (my parent shave a gentle at the dealer who've they bought cars with for over 30 years).

(My parents love this place so much they male the 45 minute drive to dealer for car servicing for everything-to give you an idea about the a+ service of our not local place. )

So I have a question :Sentra SR with the tech package or, the Sentra SL?

I don't need the moonroof/sun roof but I like the lumbar support of the SL.

But I set myself a budget of around 26k(usd).

So help me r/Nissan, you all my only hope!

(also considering Hyundai accent limited, but... The only thing it has going is Android auto) and lane keep assist.

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